Hello My Name is Tiana and I ...

It's my turn to take the floor and share pieces of me.  I'll be sharing my inspirations and favorite items in this world--- like my favorite doughnut and books. Also, what shoes I bought and what song is on repeat in my head.  Television series almost always make me emotional, and I'll share what I'm currently watching. I'll even be sharing some uncensored adventures with my awesome friends. Feel free to comment and share the floor with me. Welcome to REHAB! 

You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box ​besides love, our biggest power is the ability to change. happiness is a choice and i tend to forget this, and i also tend to forget that its my choice. i have to pick myself up, i have to get rid of these burdens, i have to encourage myself , i'll fill my own heart...I don't need anybody.

Motivational food
In my state of seasonal depression I pump myself full of motivation. I look for motivation in all forms and this video speaks to me every morning. Check it out!
​ 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl' by ISSA RAE

1. I love Issa Rae
2. I love being a black girl
3. This book is entertaining AF! 

Diet Tingz
I guess I'll be honest ...​
I failed! , but not terribly. The way my life is set up... eating clean (real food- minimally or non processed) food is more of a challenge than what I expected. It requires meal prepping and I couldn’t fit in the time. So, that only lasted  four days. Removing dairy from my diet has been extremely tough, but I’ve stuck with it (except for that one time a cheeseburger was placed in my face) and I haven’t been bloated at all these past weeks. 

I’ve been experiencing the most results with my daily detoxing. Lemon water has become my new life partner. Do you know about all the benefit from drinking lemon water? hot or cold this is the best and most affordable detox you will find. 


*clears skin
*helps with digestion
*vitamin c/ immunity 
*energy boost

I’ve noticed all of these benefits. For the past two weeks I’ve drank at least two glasses of lemon water a day. I also incorporated more detox foods like, avocado, carrots and asparagus in my meals.  

Overall I’m really proud of my eating adjustments. I will continue with daily lemon water and detox foods because my skin’s glow has been amazing and I’ll be damned if I let it go. I am going to explore dairy alternatives and weed dairy out of my diet as quickly as I can. Bye dairy! I refuse to weaken my bones and raise my risks of cancer any longer. I’m still anxious to not consume any processed foods, shall I try again? 

Am I the only one watching?
My new Netflix addiction 'The Keepers'
This documentary has become one of my top 5. The topic, investigation and production is stellar! I went to a Catholic school K-6th grade and one thing they instilled in us is that rules were not meant to be broken. I can relate to the fear in these young men and women put in this awful situation. This documentary is a must see. Check out the trailer.  


Invasive at times when she grows where no one expects,
Bringing color to green meadows she stands out from the rest
Big heart with a spirit of no charge 
She's nobody but herself. She’s a wildflower. 
Well, if this song isn't in your daily rotaton I'm judging your character. Seriously if you don't loooove this song something is wrong.  I just viewd the music video and I think it's effortlessly genius. Check it out! 

​Sweet Spot!

Affogato never tasted so good. Affogato is an ice cream scoop with espresso poured on top. This affogato experience at Waffle Shot in The Grove's Farmer's Market was so pleasant served in a dulce de leche flavored waffle cup.  

Memoirs from a shitty summer 17'

Summer 17’ is almost over and I’ll be honest it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for. I projected another take off in my career, which would give me more time to travel and network. But, little did I know my summer forecast was cloudy with hella' thunderstorms. Situations in my personal life took a major turn and depression was knocking at my front door. I made the decision to yield on working and take care of myself first. 
It’s true what they say, every lesson is a blessing. This lesson I encountered hurt more than others, maybe the most and the blessing was really hard to see. But, that’s were my friends and family stepped in and pointed out the numerous blessings I was neglecting to look at . Let me correct that by saying my REAL friends and family stepped in because, I had “best friends” and “loved ones” exit swiftly. Saying thank you to the ones that stuck by my side is insufficient. I’m still questioning what I did to deserve such a great support system. Words can’t describe what I feel for all of you. However, please know that I love you all DEEPLY and appreciate everything that you’ve done for me.

During this ruin I was left in, I had to push through the pain and take back control of my life. I used strength and faith I didn’t know existed in me. Dealing with yourself and your own issues that you created is the hardest thing to do.  And I did it; well I’m still going. Some of these issues are still being dealt with. I’ll be sharing this story and journey with you soon ….
Enough of the lows, this summer was certainly not a total fail.  First and foremost two major contributions to music and my life; 4:44 by Jay-Z and CTRL by SZA. These albums also played a major role in my survival and kick-it this summer. I had the chance to attend the DAMN tour (Kendrick Lamar is unbelievably talented) at The Staples Center. Oh yeah, a girl’s trip to Cabo, MX happened! I also enjoyed some beautiful summer days in stunning summer fashion. Check out the highlights below.

Did anyone else have failed plans this summer? Let’s hear about them, I promise you're not the only one.
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Brighter Days !

The June gloom has come to an end in Los Angeles and I'm celebrating in a vibrant yellow cropped- off the shoulder blouse from ZARA. I paired this top with my sleek Banana Republic wide trousers, that could possibly be mistaken for pajamas (lol). Fun fact: I bought these pants five years ago and somehow they've managed to stay in my posession after two major residency moves and never be worn. I'm glad I kept them around.  
[Verse 2: Jhené Aiko]

I should stop drinking, I should stop smoking
I need to focus
I am the dopest, I'm the dopest
You already know this
I've been chosen, I've been chosen
And I know you noticed it
I got that potion, hocus pocus shit, yeah
'Cause I got these Vicodin verses
For all these bitches you hurt when
You told 'em, you fuckin' with me
I know that you fuckin' with me
I'm not this regular hoe
You like these regular hoes
You need to act like you know it
You need to act like you know that
I could do it, do it, I'm the truest, truest
I'm the coolest, coolest, and the truth is (truth is)
I've been up for days now
You in my way now
Stay in your lane now
But don't, but don't stop

YI fell in love with the melodies flowing from  Jhene Aiko a few years ago because of her transparency, She has yet to disappoint me. This new release took the words from my mouth, literally….Click and Listen! 
finally discovered how to beat humidity : old scarf from the bottom of my closet 

Humidity: 18,190,0799

My Hair: 1


Who's There?

sometimes we get caught up on the setbacks in life and where we desire to be. but those desires are pointless if we don't have the right people with us.... 

Current Obsessions

Get Familiar with Sabrina Claudio. This is my current song obsession ...


Forever a small town girl.

My trip back home to Akron, OH was flawless. I didn't have high expectations for this trip. I figured I would be pushing my departure date up. But, that's not how it went down at all. I did not want to leave. This departure was bittersweet. 

I often hear tales from people expressing the burdens of home city visits. It's always noted that things are still the same as when they left and nobody or nothing in that city has changed. Well, this is true. But only half of the truth. Yup, I saw no change in the side of town my family lived on, they still shop at the same stores and my friends are still hanging at the same ol' spots. However, I saw some significant changes too. I saw plenty of  inner growth and happiness in my friends, family and city.  Everybody had that glow!
I watched the people I made all of my biggest mistakes with be nurturing, patient and forgiving parents and spouses. I admired these smart, well-mannered (this is kind-of a stretch), healthy children that they're raising everyday. This visit home I saw family and friends with new houses, better boyfriend or girlfriend choices, new cars, and improved careers. I also witnessed them be humble beings that still value family and morals the most. One family is always helping  the next without any hesitation. And most importantly despite all of the bad-weathered days, this city still holds joy and pushes forward without complaints. This is everything I aspire to be. I'm still a work in progress and fall short of these characteristics too often. It's time for me to change.

No matter how far I move, I am beyond proud to have this city represent the biggest piece of me. I'll forever be a small town girl raised to succeed on the West Side of Akron, Ohio.  Thank you family and friends for my best vacation thus far. I can't wait to see you all again!

Not you're average maxi.

They don't always have to
stick to your body.

Feel the breeze.

I love how this maxi takes on edge with the sleeves.

Barry's Bootcamp. Was it worth it?
Barry's Bootcamp is a boutique fitness center that is known to be.... the shit. It was started  by a celebrity fitness trainer Barry J and has become very popular in Los Angeles and other major cities because of the workouts and results. I've always wanted  to try a class, but then again I didn't. The name "bootcamp" is a little intimidating and because it's so popular in LA I didn't want to be surrounded by a bunch of super model- fitness snobs in a class that I was sure to struggle in. Also I didn't know if it was just a "trend" and not worth it. But I was pushed (meaning I said no and they still showed up at my door) by my friends Sydney and Shannon to go to leg day with them. I LOVED IT! This facility was like nothing I've ever seen before. The classroom has a nightclub setting with dim red lights, mirror walls and fancy machines. They have a small juice bar, free towels, blow dryers, deodorant, and even face wash for you. The instuctors were more than welcoming and it was a class full of normal people. Just how I like it.  

I can't sugar coat anything about this workout, it's tough. I almost puked twice and I was drenched in sweat when I finished.  But keywords: I finished, and it was only due to the atmosphere the trainer provided. The tracklist was full of Beyoncé and the trainer constantly encouraged me to go at my own pace, but also go a little harder. Next thing I knew I was going my hardest and I survived. It's worth it. I'll be returning. 

Matchy - Matchy

Two piece set is the new maxi dress. I love these sets for the summer. I'm obsessed wit them. I snagged this floral, fun set from ZARA clothing. 
You can edit text on your website by dWho is H.E.R? I do not have a clue, but I'm very intrigued by the mystery behind this songstress. She is singing the soundtrack to my heart on this track 'Losing.' This song is currently on repeat. Check her out! 

Morning Jetpack​​

​At least five days out of the week, I'm waking up early at 5 a.m to go to work. I like my job, but still I'm only there because I need money. I'm still working for someone else and not fully pursuing my dream. My mood isn't always chipper about that, you feel me? I need assistance to have a good day. Therefore I do a ritual with essential oils every morning. I spray this Eucalyptus mist and walk into it. This mist,  containing mainly Eucalyptus oil uplifts my energy and rids all bad energy from around me. I like to think of it as putting on my cape for the day. 

Eucalyptus oil is used to heal mental exhaustion by uplifting. It has many health benefits as well. It's commonly used for asthma, congestion, muscle pain, dental care and more. It has a crisp, clean, refreshing scent of nature. Aura Cacia is the brand that I usually buy from my local Whole Foods. There are many other essential oils that are also used to calm, and exhilarate the body. Which one do you use?

Pool Side Reads! 

It's finally time for LA's peak season! We've had a gloomy and rainy past 3-4 months. The clouds and raindrops are gone and the pools are back open. My favorite past-time at the pool is reading (and taking pictures of course). 

I'm currently reading Russel Simmons 'Success Through Stillness'. So far, it's great! It's an easy and informative read. If your seeking help with meditation like me, check it out! I'll be giving my final review when I finish.   

UPDATE: This book ended up being my final push I needed to jump off excuses cliff. I've been very fond of  meditation for the past year now. This practice is new to me and I know nothing about it. But, I do know know that I admire the character and aura of everyone I've met that practices mediation. I've been encouraged to try it many times and the few times I did I couldn't accomplish it. I always fall asleep. Because of me feeling uncomfortable and uneducated about meditation, I gave every excuse to not try again. 

In this book Russell Simmons touched on every excuse that I've ever had and more. He also touched on me falling asleep during meditation, and guess what? It's normal. He explains in depth why it's normal for beginners and why mastering the practice does not happen over night. Simmons also informs us  about more benefits of meditation and gives many gems of wisdom to success in life. This book is the beginning for me. So if you are a sleepy head and struggling with meditation like me. Read this book let's start this new healthy journey and start meditating together! 

Bold Platforms Sandals! 

Usually I'm a boots girl, but this summer I'm going with inches and baring more feet. I'm a neutral, black on black on black type of woman. So I'll be honest with you this red velvet might be the boldest I'll go. But you never know I'm changing everyday. I'll keep you updated! 
Pho is Life
I'm 28 years old and I've never had Pho until this year.... I can't believe I've been missing out on this. For those that are unfamiliar with it; Pho is a Vietnamese dish consisting of broth and rice noodles. There is usually herbs, spices and protein added. It's delicious and perfect for a chilly day.  Go try some phoreal .... :)
Love at first sight.
Giraffes are in my top five searches on youtube. I'm obsessed with watching the tallest mammals run and strut their beauty across this earth. Giraffe's have always had a special place in my heart and I never thought I'd get to meet one. I took a visit to Sylmar, CA and had the opportunity to meet this sweet giraffe. I wanted to take him and his long lashes home with me!